A Global Education Think Tank

A Shoolini University Initiative

Ideas That Matter is a new kind of action-focused think tank: a collaborative platform that connects research institutes, forward-thinking schools, academia, students, scientists, pop culture icons, industry leaders, public figures, and everyone with an idea that matters. Likewise, our leadership team is a creative confluence of engineers, scientists, writers, thought leaders and innovative problem-solvers who are passionate about  transforming the status quo.  We strive to generate big, bold ideas as templates for change in global education. We want to help design and advance innovative policies and programmes to make education exciting and accessible to everyone. We welcome resistance. We embrace ideas. We look for what is possible. What matters. And, how we can all work together to make it happen.


Connecting Minds

We want to brighten up the academic landscape through a vibrant and organic exchange of ideas. ITM will provide the perfect platform and community for creative minds.

Creating Paths

When the mind is set free, nothing is out of reach. ITM will inspire students to pursue their dreams and break new ground

Changing Things

ITM is where people invent the future. That has been our goal from the word go. We aim to set the pace for everyone else.