An intellectually triggering research experience program amidst
the Himalayan Pine Forest for young ideators and innovators,
bold leaders, and fearless researchers.

If you are selected for this Program, Please download parent consent form
& email it to us along with the Fee Payment Reciept

At Summer Patent School in Shoolini University

  • Know what takes to file a patent in your name
  • Get to file a patent (if your idea is unique)
  • Get recommendation letter from top scientists of the world
  • Interact and work with leading global scientists and patent holders of the world
  • Take the first prominent step to become an innovator
  • Become a part of a global research community for life
  • Think, ideate, and explore amidst nature

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Please Note: This is a paid program. Once you are selected for the program, you will be requested to pay.
The costs include boarding, food and transport to and from Chandigarh airport/station.
The travel to and from your home city to Chandigarh is your own.